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What is Boldenone Steroid

what is boldenoneBoldenone is unfairly underrated anabolic steroid, originally stood in the ranks of veterinary medicines. Bodybuilders of post-Soviet countries know little about this drug due to the “giants” of pharmacology, Boldenone superior to the force of action. Trade names under which was produced the medium – Equipois, Boldabol, Boldabol, Ganabol, Baltistan.

Boldenone Undecylenate is a strong enough anabolic steroid with moderate androgenic effect. The undecylenate ester increases the period of action of the drug, the period of its stay in the blood (about 3 weeks). This gives you the opportunity to take the drug less than once a week, but prevents the use of his athletes before a competition. The main task of Boldenone – making and drying of the muscles supplied with more than one layer of subcutaneous fat. Boldenone – year-old drug when you want to impress all of your cubes and the veins on the big biceps.

Effects Of Boldenone

  • The best way to stimulate the appetite, which gives the advantage masonorum Cycles.
  • Greatly accelerates the synthetic processes.
  • Guarantees a slow but stable quality muscle mass.
  • Improved delivery of oxygen to muscle cells, increasing the content of red blood cells.
  • Recorded an increase in the number of capillaries in the muscle, which in turn greatly increases vascularity.
  • Has the lowest rating of aromatization (lower methane).
  • Boldenone and methandrostenolone contrast, tends to stabilize (activate) the androgen receptor.
  • Not as strongly inhibits the production of testosterone, in comparison with other anabolic steroids.
  • The drug does not provide the intake of antiestrogens.
  • Does not inhibit libido.

Boldenone Side Effects

  • The means are subject to slight aromatization, so it is not necessary to use it during the last drying cycle.
  • During the reception, there is accumulation of fluid in the body, though minimal.
  • When using the drug women, the risk of virilization is minimal.
  • The conversion rate into estrogens in two times lower than that of testosterone.
  • In most cases, do not occur side effects such as hypertrophy of the prostate, acne, alopecia.
  • Regardless of the dosage, there is not many side effects associated with estrogen (hypertension, education gynecomastia, edema).

Boldenone Cycle

Boldenone CycleAll Cycles are aimed at making muscles, the delineation of borders, allocation of lines. Minimum weekly dosage of about 400 mg. it is Impractical to use a smaller number if you want to see good results, especially Boldenone is characterized by slow, long but gradual effect. Large doses do not lead to better results, but the risk of side effects increases. Therefore, I advise you to stay away from the lower and upper bounds, and taking the drug in the optimum dosages. This will have a positive impact on your form and not hurt your health.

Cycle No. 1

Duration: 7-8 weeks.

Dosage: 750 mg Boldenone (Equipoise) per week + 40mg — Turinabol daily.

Effect: Design of muscle mass, burning fat.

Cycle No. 2

Duration: 7-8 weeks.

Dosage: 550 mg Boldenone (Equipoise) per week + 40mg — Stanozolol daily+ SG 100 Testosterone propionate through the day.

Effect: elimination of subcutaneous fat, a manifestation of a clearly delineated muscle fibers.

Cycle No. 3

Duration: 7-8 weeks.

Dosage: 750 mg Boldenone (Equipoise) per week + 350мг — Trenbolone per week.

Effect: increased vascularity, endurance, improve the quality muscle mass.