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The secret to weight training and Equipoise for sale

Muscle growth provides hyperplasia (an increase in the number of cell nuclei in muscle cells), myofibrillar, boldenone for sale, sarcoplasmic and mitochondrial hypertrophy. After anaerobic load the first two processes occur only in the “fast” muscle fibers. Mitochondrial and sarcoplasmic hypertrophy – the fibers of all types. As practice shows, among nizkpovtornymi sets to achieve sustainable muscle growth impossible. Split-system involves a comprehensive training that involves all mechanisms to stimulate muscle growth.

If you really need the muscle, you have to perform a full range of exercises, making 2 to 30 repetitions each. High volume training, with lots of sets and repetitions, stimulates the production of growth hormone (GH), and working with heavy weights (as a rule, according to the scheme 4-5 sets of 2-5 reps) – testosterone, boldenone. Split means 4 workouts a week, two of which are clearly the nature of power, and the other two are based on the high volume scheme. Another option is a 3-single exercise, during each session which stimulates the production of both anabolic hormones. This is the classic circuit training on a set of “dry” muscle mass. Its imperfection is that it did not take into account the processes occurring at the level of subcellular elements.

Strictly speaking, boldenone order, training should focus on the development of the three components of muscle cells: sarcoplasmic mitochondria and myofibrils. Together, they make up 90% of the myocyte. For comparison: in the triglycerides and glycogen in trained person accounts for 3-4% of muscle cell volume. There is no training program, which would lead to the development of only one element subcellular. We must always speak of the distribution of the load between them. Also each sportsman different ratio of these elements. Received, the sarcoplasm, mitochondria fibrils and occupy from 20 to 30% of each cell, boldenone online. Another 6-8% forms the connective framework, to 15% – intramuscular interfiber capillary network.

In the initial phases of the training process focuses on the development of the capillary network – it is needed for the normal Catsupply of the muscles with oxygen and nutrients (nutrients) needed for protein synthesis, buy boldenone online. Most novice who wants to burn at the gym, should postpone their plans for the next 3 months, equipoise for sale, and aerobics active. We solve several problems: strengthening joints, ligaments; developing a network of capillaries in muscle tissue. In the second phase the aim is the development of fibrillary and mitochondrial apparatus. This stage is characterized by carrying heavy strength training, but a split-system. Buy equipoise.

The whole body beats four major muscle groups (legs, back, chest, arms). The break between training a muscle group is from 2 days. In one training can be carried out up to 6 exercises with the utmost number of working approaches to major muscle groups of up to 5, legal equipoise, and small – to 4. Each 2-3 training allowed her to apply the principle of forced repetitions. Fibrillar unit receives the greatest development in the performance of 1-2 approaches 4-7 repetitions with the maximum possible weight. During one training session at the major muscle groups are allowed to perform 2-3 exercises for small – 1-3.

The number of mitochondria in the voltage dramatically increases continuity. In other words, there are no delays and pauses. All movements are performed very slowly, equipoise online. If the apparatus of fibrillar positive phase should be no more than 3 seconds (negative – 2), the mitochondrial – 4-10 with (negative – 4-5 seconds). The total time of one working set per muscle group with a predominance of “white” fibers – 45, and for the “red” muscles – 120. For muscle myocytes transition or uncertain supplies – with 60-90.

This training regimen lasts only 3 weeks. Continued training can lead to a breach of the trophism of the muscle tissue that will cause violation of its food and nutrient supply. The next 10 days is the new split that divides the body into two parts: the top and bottom Eutropin LG 4IU. On the large muscle groups done by 6 repetitions on small – 4, buy equipoise online. Each approach is carried out at least 20-30 reps with operating weight of 70-80% of that to which you confidently perform 10 repetitions. This phase of training is designed for the development of sarcoplasmic accumulation of glycogen, intramuscular triglycerides. Disclosed reserve capillaries. After 10 days, he returned to the power sportsman training, equipoise order.

This mode of training, of course, extremely difficult to understand and elaboration. However, only he is able to lead to a comprehensive, all-round development of myocytes (muscle fibers). Modern bodybuilding contrary focuses on imbalances: professional athletes share myofibrillar or sarcoplasmic can reach 50-60%, stanazol for sale. Competent training allows us to achieve much better results with the harmonious development of all subcellular elements.