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Features of the structure of muscle and Boldenone online

In the human body there are about 650 muscle groups, buy boldenone, of which the largest are only a few dozen. Of course, not every bodybuilder knows about their structure and function, and the need is only a few, legal boldenone. Indeed, why do you need an understanding of how muscles work involved in breathing, swallowing, sneezing, etc. This could include more than a dozen groups, besides facial expressions also enters the list of minor muscle. Uses of such knowledge, frankly – not. The practical application and benefit brings understanding of the structure of the skeletal muscles, which we – athletes develop with each workout. Buy equipoise.

General theory

Approximately 50% weight percent up your muscles, quipoise for sale, which in turn is 80% filled with water. Everything else is a protein molecule associated carbohydrates (glycogen), salt, equipoise online, fat and little creatine. In general, the muscle tissue can be divided into several sections:

1. Skeletal muscle.

This is what you see in the reflection of a mirror. They are in your “power”. If you wish, you can send nerve impulses to each such muscle, thereby tensing or relaxing it. Nature has given them a passive property – muscle tone, thanks to which they are in the mode of “combat” readiness. This is to ensure that you do not fall apart and fell while walking, running, or even sitting in a chair. Get rid of muscle tone can be just being in a coma or with special pharmaceutical products.

2. Smooth muscle.

Intestine, liver and many other organs with blood vessels are outstanding representatives of the muscles. In contrast, buy equipoise, skeletal, their reduction takes place independently, without your participation. Manage them using nerve impulses will come. Due to the smooth muscles move food down the gastrointestinal waste. Changes in blood pressure as occurs without the involvement of these tissues.

Skeletal muscle.

Now that you are familiar with the basic theory, it is time to talk in detail only about the first, buy equipoise online, as the only body building involves the development of these muscles. Skeletal muscle fiber can be divided into slow and fast fabric of this, we have said many times in the past. Few people know that fast in turn are classified into sub-categories 2A and 2B. The second type is represented by the strongest fabrics that can support the maximum possible effort. Their only drawback is the short duration of the work. 2A fibers similar in basic properties, however, unlike 2B they can work during two to three minutes, of course, not possible with the applied force.

Should be aware that in order to be included in the work of the slow fibers do not have to move slowly. Generated by the load simply should not be huge. Quick, in turn, are the body’s energy reserve, which protects in the event of an emergency: brawl in the street, a fire in the house, etc. Any activity which includes the work of the fast fibers, is quite energy intensive, so that the body tries to use only slow tissue, equipoise order.

A striking example of rapid activation of muscles is to try to beat the police records in the bench press or say the deadlift. However, even here you do not have to move fast. In fact, the name does not reflect the speed of the physical work, and ability to withstand stress. Slow work for a long time, but the effectiveness is questionable, at the same time, boldenone, the rapid surrender almost immediately, but instead give us high productivity.

Skeletal muscle man filled with a variety of fibers, both fast and slow. Someone with a child feels comfortable in marathons (slow fibers), someone to lift weights (fast). The percentage of those or other laid into us genetically, buy boldenone online, and varies for each person. Furthermore, there are muscle groups that are predisposed to a particular type. Calf muscles are working almost around the clock, trying to keep the body in equilibrium. To do this, they do not need to exert maximum effort, but at the same time, their work should be prolonged. In stark contrast is the triceps, which is almost never used in everyday life. His task – to straighten the arm, putting a tremendous effort, though non-durable time.

All this is necessary to know not to be the physiology of higher class. Without understanding this banal theory, you can not build muscle mass, since muscles grow only when the correct load. It is worth noting that it is the most rapid fibers are arranged to hypertrophy and hyperplasia, boldenone online.

What are the muscle fibers need to develop?

It is believed that in bodybuilding you need to start with weak muscles and muscle fibers, they say, the only way we can get a good result. In fact, here, contrary to popular opinion, you need to focus on their strengths. It is much more profitable and easier to improve the characteristics of the most advanced fiber. If in your case it fast fabric, consider – you’re in luck, legal equipoise.

Few people know that in regular classes with weights 2B fibers gradually transformed into 2A, so that they were able to carry out long-term physical work. That is why fiber is considered to be the second “B2-type” fabrics lazy. At an average athlete simply does not have them, as they are in their time were transformed into 2A. In a similar transformation may take only a few months. As for the fast and slow, everything is pretty sad, legal equipoise. And there is no scientific evidence that the latter can be converted in the first this day. That is, if you are predisposed for a marathon, you will be much easier to be dried, but at the same time, the struggle for the new kilos of muscles will be quite difficult, especially compared with the more genetically gifted teammates.

Do not worry ahead of time, everywhere has its disadvantages. If you’re fast and strong athlete who easily gaining muscle mass, surely you have one big disadvantage – a wide waist, and in some cases – a big belly. In addition, such people easily overtake on the running distance and in any other disciplines that require endurance. Unfortunately, boldenone for sale, life often need endurance, not strength.

In fairness it should be noted that the vast majority of people can not be entirely attributed to one or another form. As a rule, we balance between slow and fast fibers. But be that as it may, the lifter can not become a marathon runner, it is clear and without proper research. Blame the slow fibers. Of course, order equipoise, they develop, but be quick – they can not afford.


The muscle fibers are unable to choose the degree of reduction. They are included in either motion or not. Unfortunately, the original work only weak muscles. Fast muscle fibers of the second type are beginning to connect only at exorbitant loads, boldenone, which is why every athlete should always work on “maximum”. Otherwise he will develop only slow fibers which are not particularly prone to increase.